About Us

North Carolina's Electric Cooperatives

You are a member of a local, not-for-profit electric cooperative, and cooperative membership has big benefits.

Each of North Carolina’s 26 electric cooperatives is independent and based in the community it serves, not a far-away big city; co-ops understand the unique needs of local people and communities. As not-for-profit utilities, our focus is on providing electricity at the lowest possible cost while also achieving environmental goals and supporting our communities.

That’s why we are launching the Connect to Save program. Just like roads at rush hour, the electric grid experiences moments of high traffic, or demand. Following the principles of supply and demand, electricity is most expensive when demand for it is greatest. Connect to Save is a way we can work together to lessen demand by minimally adjusting your thermostat during these high traffic times. This small action multiplied across thousands of homes will create big savings on wholesale power costs and expenses for the entire cooperative membership.  

Please join us in the Connect to Save program. Enroll today for savings at home, in the community and for the environment.

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