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Get a $50 Connect to Save reward

In addition to a smart thermostat, Connect to Save enrollees can opt to include their electric water heater in the program.

This program option is free to co-op members, and you also receive a $50 reward* for connecting your water heater.


Connect your water heater and save even more!

Most consumers don’t spend much time thinking about their water heater. It is generally an out of sight and out of mind appliance. But in the average home, water heating accounts for approximately 13% - 14% of the monthly utility bill.

Connect to Save will install a smart switch that monitors your home’s water heater for you. When the demand for energy is high and wholesale electricity prices are most expensive, your co-op will automatically lower the energy use of your water heater by communicating with the water heater control. During this time, the hot water already in your tank will still be available for your use, so you should not notice any differences.  Additionally, the water heater control will heat additional water when sensors on the appliance indicate additional need. This helps ensure you have hot water when you need it. You will not have to control or change anything on the device or your water heater to initiate these types of changes.

The benefit is cost savings for the entire co-op membership. By participating in Connect to Save, you’re helping the co-op save on its wholesale power bill, which in the end helps every member save money by using electricity more efficiently.

This smart water heater device:

  • Requires no inconvenience or behavior changes. It runs in the “background”.
  • Shifts energy use during high demand periods to off peak period.
  • Helps reduce wholesale power cost to your cooperative.
  • Makes your water heater “smart” and allows interface with integrated phone app (Android or iOS). The phone app:
    • Proactively notifies user of potential issues such as leaks or bad elements.
    • Provides both energy and dollar usage details over selected time intervals.
    • Allows for remote “away or vacation” setting


Get your home water heating stats the smart way.


With the iOS app you can gain insight over your Carina water heater device. With this app you will be able to view your tank's current temperature and know much hot water is remaining, track your estimated energy usage over time and remotely put your water heater into vacation mode to save even more.  

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